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The International Centre for China Development Studies (ICCDS) was established in June 2002. It was jointly established by two renowned institutions: Department of Geography, HKU, and the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


From the academic year 2007-2008, ICCDS has been re-located from the Faculty of Arts to the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since then, greater synergy with the Faculty of Social Sciences and its academic departments has been created, and robust platform for interdisciplinary research has been built for China development studies within HKU. Built upon an internationally acclaimed track record of research excellence, ICCDS brings together researchers and experts from the diversity of economics, social sciences, environmental sciences, and humanities from various universities and research institutes to provide better understanding of the unique pattern of Chinese development and its influences on the western world.


ICCDS has continuously improved its performance in research, knowledge exchange and social impact. In the past 5 years, its core members, in collaboration with scholars from many Chinese and overseas universities/research institutes, have published more than 150 peer-reviewed journals and over 20 book chapters to generate insightful and impactful findings.


Aiming to maintain and enhance its performance, ICCDS has restructured its executive committee and will evaluate research priorities regularly and explore opportunities of funding support via a series of discussions and meetings that will embrace relevant stakeholders, so as to align more closely its research directions with the strategic research development of the Faculty and the University, and also serve the society and policy making with timely, advanced, and progressive knowledge generated not only inside but also outside of unique socio, economic, cultural and political context of contemporary China.

International Center for China Development Studies


Facing the challenges of urbanization, industrialization, globalization and de-globalisation in China’s unique socio-economic context, ICCDS aims to promote international collaborative research, nurture academic training, and enhance social impacts on broad issues brought by China’s rapid development with the following specific goals.

Business Meeting

To function as an international multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary research platform for academic research, training and consultancy on China development and globalization issues

To undertake high-impact and quality collaborative research and consultant projects for international/national development organizations, governments, and multi-national corporations

Go Team

To organize high-profile international/national events for networking, information sharing, and knowledge exchange

To explore external funding sources in support of academic research

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To cultivate social impacts via proactive engagement with diverse stakeholders, including governmental policy makers, business section, and interested citizens


Prof. Wendy Y Chen

(planning, academic and research)

Fields of Interest

Ecological Economics

Environmental Economics

Valuation of Ecosystem Services

Urban Forestry

Environmental Science



Prof. George C.S. Lin

(academic and research)

Fields of Interest

Urban and Regional Development in China

Land Property Rights in China

Transnationalism and Chinese Diaspora

Social Geography of China

Public Policy and Regional Development

Economic Geography

Hong Kong-Guangdong Integration

  Chairman of Advisory Committee  
  Member of Executive Committee  

Prof. Shenjing He

Fields of Interest

Urban redevelopment/gentrification

Policy mobility and entrepreneurial urbanism

Rural-urban migration and informal housing

Neighbourhood governance

Health geography


Dr. Junxi Qian

Fields of Interest

Public Space

Urban Studies & Urban Theory

Indigenous People & Indigenous Modernity


Cultural Economic Geography

Place and Place Politics


Dr. Frank van der Wouden

Fields of Interest



Technological change


Impact of distance on socio-economic activity

Computational social science

Economic growth


Network Science

Machine Learning

  External member of Executive Committee  
  (Review of the Centre's activities)  

Dr. R.C.K. Chan

Fields of Interest

Global Production Networks and “State and Space”

Urbanization and Agglomerations

Urban and Regional Governance

Spatial and Economic Evolution between Hong Kong and Southern China


Prof. R. Hu

Fields of Interest

International political economy

East Asian international relations and regionalism

China's foreign relations

Cross-Strait relations


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