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Several Open Books




Dr. Simon X. B. Zhao, Director

Wang, D. Zhang, L. Zhang Z. and Zhao, X.B. (forthcoming) “Urban infrastructure financing in reform-era China”, accepted by Urban Studies (ISI Citation 5-year Impact Factor 1.82, ranked 6/32 in Urban Studies).


Ramón-Berjano, C.B., Zhao, X.B. and Chan, Y.M. (2010) “Regional Development within the One Country Two Systems: Hong Kong’s Transformation into a Service Hub”, accepted by Asian Survey (Sage: London), (50%, ISI Citation 5-year Impact Factor 0.44. ranked 24/39 Area Studies)


趙曉斌 (Zhao X.B.) (2010)全球金融中心百年競爭的決定成敗因素, 《中国社会科学(内部文稿)》, 21:3, 52-58 , (China’s No.1 journal in social sciences and its Internal Edition is specially designated for the frontier of “Big Theories” (重大理論) and for the reading of high level officials and scholars and as internal reference for top policy-making).


趙曉斌 (Zhao X.B.) (2010)全球金融中心的百年競爭及中國金融中心的崛起, 《世界地理研究》, 19:2, 1-11. (China Top journal in Geography).


Prof. George C. S. Lin, Associate Director

Lin, George C.S. (2010) “Understanding land development problems in globalizing China.” Eurasian Geography and Economics, 51:1, 80-103. Columbia, USA: Bellwether (CIF: 1.48; No. 1 journal in Area Studies by CIF in 2009).


Wang, C.C., Lin, G.C.S., and Li, G. (2010) “Industrial clustering and technological innovation in China: New evidence from the ICT industry in Shenzhen.” Environment and Planning A, 42:9, 1897-2010. London: Pion.


Wei, Y.D., Zhou, Y., Sun, Y., and Lin, G.C.S. (2010) “Production and R&D networks of foreign ventures in China: Implications for technological dynamism and regional development.” Applied Geography. London: Elsevier (Page-proofs corrected).


Lin, George C.S. and Wang, Cassandra C. (2009) “Technological Innovation in China’s High-Tech Sector: Insights from a 2008 Survey of the Integrated Circuit Design Industry in Shanghai.” Eurasian Geography and Economics, 50:4, 404-424. Columbia, USA: Bellwether (CIF: 1.48; No. 1 journal in Area Studies by CIF in 2009).


Lin, George C.S. (2009) “Decentering geography in a globalizing world.” World Regional Studies, 18:4, 1-16. Shanghai: Science Press (in Chinese).



Prof. David D. Zhang, Associate Director

Zhang, D.D. and Lee, H.F. (forthcoming) “Climate change, food shortage and war: A quantitative case study in China during 1500 – 1800.” Cartina. Egypt: The Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences.


Lee, H.F., Fok, L., and Zhang, D.D. (forthcoming) "Time lag in the climate-war relationship". Asian Geographer. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Geographical Association.


Zhang, D.D., Lee, H.F., Wang, C., Li, B., Zhang, J., Pei Q. and Chen, J. (forthcoming) “Climate change and large scale human population collapses in the pre-industrial era.” Global Ecology and Biogeography. Oxford: Blackwell Science.


Lee, H.F. and Zhang D.D. (2010) “What drove the secular population cycles in historical agrarian China?” Climate Research, 42, 235-246. Amelinghausen: Inter-Research.


Lee, H.F. and Zhang, D.D. (2010) “Natural disasters in northwestern China, AD1270 – 1949” Climate Research, 41:3, 245-257. Amelinghausen: Inter-Research.


杜恕環; 李保生; David D.Zhang; 牛東風; 溫小浩; 陳德牛; 歐先交; 楊藝; 司月君; 趙欣楠 (2009) “薩拉烏蘇河流域 MGS5 層段 CaCO_3 記錄的末次 間冰期東亞季風與沙漠環境演化.” Advances in Natural Sciences, 19:11, 1187-1193.


Lee, H.F., Zhang, D.D., and Fok, L. (2009) “Temperature, aridity thresholds, and population growth dynamics in China over the last millennium.” Climate Research, 39:2, 131-147. Amelinghausen: Inter-Research.


Wen X. Li B. Zheng Y, Zhang, D.D. et al (2009) “Climate variability in the Salawusu River valley of the Ordos Plateau (Inner Mongolia, China) during Marine Isotope Stage 3.” Journal of Quaternary Science, 2491, 61-74.

Book chapters

Prof. George C. S. Lin, Associate Director

Lin, George C.S. (2010) “The Pearl River Delta.” In C.Y. Jim (Ed.) New Geography of Hong Kong, 161-193. Hong Kong: Cosmos Books.


Lin, George C.S. (2009) “China’s ongoing urban transformation: Managing the state-society relation.” In YUAN Zhi-Gang (Ed.) Shanghai Forum 2008 Highlight, 136-175. Shanghai: Shanghai People’s Press.


Lin, George C.S. (2009) “A quiet revolution? The growth of the tertiary economic sector and urban transformation in globalizing Guangzhou metropolis.” In Yuan Ren, Chen Xiangming, and Dieter Lapple (Eds.) The Era of Global City-Regions, 136-163. Shanghai: Fudan University Press.


Lin, George C.S. (2009) “Playing with words or playing with numbers? The arts and science of research in contemporary economic geography.” In LIU Weidong et al. (Eds.) Geographical Review, 55-60. Beijing: Commercial Press (in Chinese).

Conference papers

Zhao X.B. (2010) “The Centennial Competition of Global Financial Centers and the Rise of China’s Financial Centers”, Conference paper proceedings, Regional Studies Association Annual International Conference 2010


Zhao, X.B. (2009) “Global Competition of Financial Centres and the Rise of Chinese Financial centres”, proceedings of Chinese Academy of Sciences International Conference of Urban Geography in Beijing, China.


Zhao, X.B. (2009) “Global Financial Centers Growth and Competition and Reference to Shanghai”, proceedings of Shanghai International Finance Forum, China.

Public reports

Zhao X. B. (2010) “全球金融中心百年競爭未停 金融中心無法欽定” Hong Kong Commercial Daily (香港商報), 10/5/2010.


Zhao X. B. (2010) “ 人仔國際化前港滬金融難並論 ”, Hong Kong Commercial Daily (香港商報), 30/4/2010.


Zhao X.B. (2009) “粵港八條協議衝刺國家戰略 前海試水新特區力挺東方之珠”, Nanfang Dushi Daily (南方都市報), 20/8/2009.

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