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Several Open Books




Refereed Journals


Former Director, Dr. Simon Zhao

Zhao, X.B. and Lee, J. (Forthcoming 2015) “Playing Games and Concepts: Beijing Olympics and China Urban Development Model”, invited resubmission (second revision stage but strongly indicated accepted) by Journal of American Planning Association.


Former Associate Director, Prof. David Zhang

Lee, H.F. and Zhang, D.D. (2015) “Quantitative analysis of climate change and human crises in history”, in: M. Kwan, D. Richardson, D. Wang, and C. Zhou (eds.) Space-Time Integration in Geography and GIScience: Research Frontiers in the US and China. Dordrecht: Springer. Pp. 235-267.


Pei, Q., Zhang, D.D., Lee, H.F., and Li, G.D. (2014) “Climate change and macro-economic cycles in pre-industrial Europe”, PLOS ONE, 9(2): e88155. San Francisco: Public Library of Science.


Pei, Q., Zhang, D.D., Li, G.D., and Lee, H. (2013) “Short- and long-term impacts of climate variations on the agrarian economy in pre-industrial Europe”, Climate Research, 56(2): 169-180. Amelinghausen: Inter-Research.



Affiliated researcher

Lee, H.F. (2014) “Climate-induced agricultural shrinkage and overpopulation in late imperial China”, Climate Research, 59(3): 229-242. Amelinghausen: Inter-Research.


Professional Journals


Chan, Y.M. and Zhao, X. B. (2014) “New role of Hong Kong: developing international travel hub serving for the Mainland’s market (香港新角色:服務內 地的國際旅遊樞紐)” in Chinese, Bauhinia Tribune (紫荊論壇), 15, 16-24.

Book chapters

Former Director, Dr. Simon Zhao

Zhao, X.B. (forthcoming) “Mainstream and Shadow Banking”, invited to submit entry to The Wiley-AAG International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology. AAG (American Association of Geography), USA: Wiley.


Zhao, X.B. (forthcoming) “Growth Theory”, invited to submit entry to The Wiley-AAG International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology. AAG (American Association of Geography), USA: Wiley.


Zhao, X.B., He, Y. and Lee, C. (forthcoming) “Beijing Olympics: Impact on Economic and Urban Development in China”, The BRICS and Sports Mega-Events, published by BRICS Policy Center and Brazilian Sport Ministry, Brazil.


Thomas, S. and Zhao, X.B. (forthcoming 2015) “Global off-shore centres and impacts to Asian service centre development: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong’s Offshore Banking and Re-Exportation Industries”, in Niels Beerepoot et al (edited) The local outcomes of the latest wave of globalisation in South and Southeast Asia, UK & USA: Routledge.


Arner, D., Donald, D., Goo, S., Hu, R., Lin, C., Michael, B., Song, F., Tong, W., Xu, C., Wojcik, D. and Zhao, S. (2014) Assessing Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre, First Report of the Hong Kong Research Grants Council Theme-based Research Scheme Project: Enhancing Hong Kong’s Future as a Leading International Financial Centre (available at:

Public or consultancy reports

Former Director, Dr. Simon Zhao

Zhao, X.B. and Song, M.F. (2014) Strategic Development Planning for Zhuhai – Hengqin: Financial Industry and Financial Sub-centre Development Report, Project hosted by Zhuhai-Hengqin Municipal Government.

Other intellectual property

(including software, training materials, etc.)

Public Media

Knowledge Exchange-related and affiliated with the Centre's news or interviews (in Chinese) collected from the Wisers platform


Affiliated researcher

Zhao, X.B. (2014) 不斷升溫的民生情懷 , Hong Kong Commercial Daily, A04, 重點關注, 28/3/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 李克強:香港“近水樓台可以先得月” , Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore), 26, 中國, 14/3/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 香港 VS 內地:“爭食蛋糕”還是“做大個餅” , Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, 特 A01, 前海特報/前視野, 12/3/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 香港內地化 現實 OR 臆想? , Hong Kong Commercial Daily, A12, 深度報道, 港深十年系列報道..., 8/1/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 專家:可建港澳市民居住區 , Ta Kung Pao, A11, 要聞, 2/1/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 大廣海灣經濟區藍圖繪就 總規獲批,總面積 3240 平方公 里,將打造濱海魅力長廊 , Southern Metropolis Daily (Jiangmen), AII02, 熱聞, 2/1/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2013) 粵港澳自貿區重在制度創新 市場更開放令港受益 , Hong Kong Commercial Daily, A19, 珠三角新聞, 25/12/2013.


Zhao, X.B. (2013) 港大研 LED 街燈內地採用 , Ta Kung Pao, B16, 教育, 6/12/2013.


Zhao, X.B. (2013) 中國政府應退出壟斷經營土地市場——中國新城鎮化設計關 鍵 , Ming Pao Daily News, A36, 觀點, 14/11/2013.


Zhao, X.B. (2013) 聲音 , People's Daily Overseas Edition, 02, 財經視野, 14/10/2013.


Zhao, X.B. (2013) 政府應退出壟斷經營土地一級市場 , 21st Century Business Herald, 06, 政經, 1/10/2013.


Zhao, X.B. (2013) 大廣海灣經濟區規劃劍指粵港澳自由貿易區 囊括新會、台 山、恩平沿海 3240 平方公里... , Southern Metropolis Daily(Jiangmen), AII02, 熱 聞, 24/9/2013.


Zhao, X.B. (2013) 紫荊論壇探討港經濟轉型 學者倡人行調控兩地金融往來, Ta Kung Pao, A14, 港聞, 6/7/2013.

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