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Several Open Books




Refereed Journals


Former Director, Prof. David Wong

Liao, B. and Wong, D. W. (2015) "Changing urban residential patterns of Chinese migrants: A case of Shanghai from 2000 to 2010", Urban Geography, 36(1), 109-126.


Associate Director, Dr. Simon Zhao

Zhao, X.B. and Ching, L. (forthcoming) "Playing Games and Concepts: Beijing Olympics and China Urban Development Model", under review for Journal of Contemporary China.


Affiliated researcher

Pei, Q., Zhang, D.D. and Lee, H.F. (2015) "Evaluating the effectiveness of agricultural adaptation to climate change in preindustrial society", Asian Geographer, DOI:10.1080/10225706.2015.1034735.


Lee, H.F., Pei, Q. Zhang, D.D., and Choi, K.P.K. (2015) "Quantifying the intra-regional precipitation variability in northwestern China over the past 1,400 years", PLoS ONE, 10(7), e0131693.


Lee, H.F., Zhang, D.D. and Pei, Q. (2015) "Reconstruction of the geographic extent of drought anomalies in northwestern China over the last 539 years and its teleconnection with the Pacific Ocean", The Holocene, 25(8), 1271-1284.


Pei, Q., Zhang, D.D., Li, G. and Lee, H.F. (2015) "Climate change and the macroeconomic structure in pre-industrial Europe: New evidence from wavelet analysis", PLoS ONE, 10(6), e0126480.


Pei, Q., Zhang, D.D., Li, G., Winterhalder, B. and Lee, H.F. (2015) "Epidemics in Ming and Qing China: Impacts of changes in climate and economic well-being", Social Science & Medicine, 136-137, 73-80.


Lee, H.F., Zhang, D.D., Brecke, P. and Pei, Q. (2015) "Regional geographic factors mediate the climate-war relationship in Europe", British Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2(1), 1-28.



Professional Journals


Associate Director, Dr. Simon Zhao

Michael, B., Zhao, X.B. and Wojcik, D. (2014) "Op-ed: China's solar energy can thrive - with the right financing", China Economic Review, 2014:10 (available at


Chan, Y.M. and Zhao, X. B. (2014) "Development of the small economies in the proximity of big country and the implications to Hong Kong's competitiveness (比鄰大國小型經濟體發展與香港競爭力)" in Chinese, Bauhinia Tribune (紫荊論壇), 22, 4-11.


Chan, Y.M. and Zhao, X. B. (2014) "The patterns of the global commodities trade and implications to the prospects of Hong Kong's manufacturing industry (全球商品貿易格局及對香港製造業前景的啟示)" in Chinese, Bauhinia Tribune (紫荊論壇), 18, 75-84.

Book chapters

Affiliated researcher

Lee, H.F. and Zhang, D.D. (2015) Quantitative analysis of climate change and human crises in history. In: M. Kwan, D. Richardson, D. Wang and C. Zhou (eds.) Space-Time Integration in Geography and GIScience: Research Frontiers in the US and China. Dordrecht: Springer. pp. 235-267.

Public or consultancy reports

Associate Director, Dr. Simon Zhao

Financial Services Development Council, Hong Kong. (2015) Developing Hong Kong's Human Capital in Financial Services . (Dr. Zhao chaired ICCDS's research team to support to the FSDC's consultation sessions and undertake questionnaire surveys with financial industry organizations). ng_human_capital_in_financial_services

Other intellectual property

(including software, training materials, etc.)

Public Media

Knowledge Exchange-related and affiliated with the Centre's news or interviews (in Chinese) collected from the Wisers platform


Zhao, X.B. (2015) 香江落子前海橫琴南沙 , New Express Daily, B14, 買樓 王, 9/1/2015.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 香江金融中心國際展示廳啓幕將成前海率先交付項目 , Southern Metropolis Daily (Shenzhen), AIII08, 新聞, 26/12/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 前海金融地標創新資本模式 , Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, D08, 超級樓市, 26/12/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 香江金融發佈亞太金融生態圈戰略 , Daily Sunshine, A24, 晶財經, 26/12/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 粵港澳金融論壇在前海舉行 , China Economic Times, 07, 區域經濟, 26/12/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 粵自貿區拱衛香港金融中心 , Hong Kong Commercial Daily, A18, 中國經濟, 25/12/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 粵港澳金融論壇在前海舉行 , Shenzhen Economic Daily, A06, 文產, 25/12/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 桂港澳粵攜手東盟 探索加工貿易廣西模式 , Hong Kong Commercial Daily, A03, 專題新聞, 19/9/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 首屆桂港合作論壇在邕舉辦 把脈桂港合作決勝江海戰略 , Hong Kong Commercial Daily, A01, 香江評論,頭條, 19/9/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 江海新戰略桂港新機遇 首屆桂港合作論壇 18 日南寧開講 * Hong Kong Commercial Daily, A12, 專題新聞, 16/9/2014.


Zhao, X.B. (2014) 桂港合作論壇開啟智慧盛宴 , Hong Kong Commercial Daily, A08, 專題新聞,特稿, 10/9/2014.

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